lunes, 11 de abril de 2011

And if you believe in life...

My argument is NOT stupid.  No argument is STUPID.  Never said yours was, I just think it's a little UNETHICAL, IMMORAL, and CRUEL.  So what if I am the way I am?  I support life.  I love life.  No baby should ever be "unwanted."  Were you not born?  Do you not recognize that all who are "pro-choice" have been born? 

Abortions are federally funded in the District of Columbia.
No lies here.

Birth control pills are abortifacents.  CHECK IT.

LIFE begins at conception.  SCIENTIFIC FACT.
One year later the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) decided to redefine pregnancy. In its words, “conception is the implantation of a fertilized ovum.”[10] Instead of defining conception as fertilization, ACOG decided that life begins nearly a week later, at implantation. At the time they said that this was because pregnancy could not be detected before then. Today science is able to detect pregnancy before implantation, but the ACOG still won’t correct its definition.[11] The original change had nothing to do with a scientific discovery in women’s health, reproduction, or biology. Unfortunately, doctors today are split on the issue.[12]

Birth control pills increase risk of breast, cervix, and liver cancer.

Info about how birth control doesn't correlate with lower pregnancy or abortion rates, it actually increases them.
"Lastly, it should be noted that anyone who believes that contraception decreases abortions ignores the fact that hormonal birth control can cause abortions.[7] Click here for details on that."

And that's the FACTS.  I'm not stupid.  Why would you put your own body at risk?  Why would you EVER consider a human being not worthy for a life?  Why would you tell me my information isn't true when obviously it is? 

Peace out.

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