domingo, 25 de septiembre de 2011

I remember the day
You came to see me
Broken neclace chain in hand

you had torn it.
with your bare hands.
unbreakable silver
crumbled between your fingers.

the heart charm
lay there


i remember the day
you asked me back.
you wanted me back.
and i said no.

what a fool i was

for letting you go

what a fool i was
for letting you walk out the door.
me, living my single life.
without you.

but i couldn't let you go,
the stupid part of me
holding onto you.


you didn't want me back.

i begged.
i tried.
i cried.

and now we're this.

i hopelessly love you.
i hopelessly want you.
i hopelessly cry for you.

i should've never let you go.
i should've never let my pride
get the best of me.

i just wanted to...

tell you that i...

well what does it even matter anymore anyway?
i can't say it.
I won't.
not in front of you.

because  I let you go.
because we're just this awkward mix of being.
we are together
but we're not.
we act like
we're together
but since i

i can't have you.

maybe i should go away.

maybe i should take  leap.
maybe i should

so that when i come back

you want me more.
than you've ever wanted me

in your life.

my heart
it lies

deep inside of you