miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2011

still a lot to learn

dirty clothes on the floor
memories in a box.
door ajar
fan spreading cool air
into the stiff arid night.

is this my life?
graduation cards
in a box in the corner.
old ones.
friends, family, memories.
high school was never my legacy
but it sure left a lot of

this room looks so different.
so empty.
is it because when i left it
i left my old self behind?

goodbye innocence.
goodbye miss"all American sweetheart."
goodbye to all the
world wars
and other trivial roadblocks
that high school presented to my life.

i feel like Lucy and the wardrobe.
i opened the door and stepped into a new

leaving this behind was never hard.
it was just part of life.

and now that i am where i am

i don't know if i want to look at my past.

the girl in those pictures...
thinner, more self-conscious
innocent, naive.

she had a lot to learn.

and the girl
in the mirror that i stop to pass by
just barely i glance at

who is she?
not the same person evidently...

but in ways they are similar...

she has a lot to learn too.

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